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Consistent in Excellent
As a wholesome home health care agency that truly cares, we strive to give you the best that you need in the most suitable way that we know how - with heart and compassion.

For your convenience, Raamis Home Health Care provides inservices online, so you can continuously deliver a level of excellent care to your patients. You can click on the items below to download them on your computer/device.

Month InService Required
January HIPAA Inservice All staff
February AIDS/OSHA Inservice All staff
March Disaster Plan Inservice All staff
April Universal Precautions Inservice Part 1 All staff
  Universal Precautions Inservice Part 2  
  Universal Precautions Inservice Part 3  
  Universal Precautions Inservice Part 4  
May Domestic Violence Inservice Part 1 All staff
  Domestic Violence Inservice Part 2  
  Domestic Violence Inservice Part 3  
  Domestic Violence Inservice Part 4  
  Domestic Violence Inservice Part 5  
  Domestic Violence Inservice Part 6  
  Domestic Violence Inservice Part 7  
June Fire & Safety Inservice Part 1 All staff
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 2  
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 3  
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 4  
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 5  
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 6  
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 7  
  Fire & Safety Inservice Part 8  
July Hearing Impaired Inservice HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
August Going from Cure to Comfort Inservice HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
September Update to Infection Control Inservice Part 1 HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
  Update to Infection Control Inservice Part 2  
October Macular Degeneration/Vision Loss Inservice HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
November Diabetes Inservice HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
December Blood Glucose Meters Inservice HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
Alzheimer’s Inservice Alzheimer’s Part 1 HHAs, CNAs & PCAs
  Alzheimer’s Part 2  
  Alzheimer’s Part 3  
Contact Information
6797 N. High Street, Suite 134
Worthington, Ohio
Phone:  614-736-3120
Fax:   614 985 1883
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